Posted on: July 17, 2008 4:32 pm

I might have to become a HOMER

A little background:

I grew up a fan of the Red Sox, Patriots, and Celtics-----in that order (I never liked hockey).  I have always enjoyed watching football moreso than the other 2.....but since I have had season tickets to the Red Sox since 1986 you can say that I follow the Red Sox just as much as I do the Pats.  I have always been a Celtics fan, but since the season tickets left the family possession in 1989, my actual watching of Celtics games has dwindled...they score too many points for me to have my interest glued to the tv the whole time.  So....I followed the team but only watched 20-30 games per year...except in the playoffs.....before this year, they made it past the 1st round only 4 times, and past the 2nd round only once.  They are the Celtics though, the winningest team in NBA history....so (if you are from the area) you gotta be proud of them anyways...   The Red Sox (pre-2004) were always (if you are from the area) the most lovable losers ever...So much history...seemingly as much as the Celtics....except not a lot of hardware (since industrialization, lol).  They were good...just never good enough.  The Patriots (pre-2001) were a big roller coaster...   In the mid-80s they went from middle of the pack to pretty darn good. ..but not good enough (routed in the SB against Da Bears)...to the late 80s when they were as low as you can go......I used to yell at the field and yell at the screen.....I used to wonder "why are they running on 3rd and 8"?..  "why do they throw 7 yard passes on 3rd and 11??" When they went 1-15 it was a sad time....but it was almost natural.  They had been bad the year before, and I wasnt angry...I just said....wow...these guys are just no damn good....missin sisson....etc etc...it was comical....but i kept watching...and rooting...In the 90s.. I didnt care if they won super bowls..When they lost to the Packers in the SB I wasn't shocked.  We had come to be hopeful, but not greedy.....because maybe Dave Megget will run back a touchdown...and perhaps "Big Play" Willie Clay will bring us some excitement.  But I did wonder why Bledsoe was so slow.... Now theyve won super bowls...they are a perennial threat to go all the way....spygate, accusations of bandwagonism, records, perfect regular season...they lost a super bowl this past year and they are chumps...instead of when they used to be heroic for even getting that far....

Now it's as if Boston in general has been labeled as a bandwagon city.  Bottom line........Confidence turns to cockiness when success becomes habitual.  Yes, some fans are overly cocky in this city.  Yes, you see more fans come out of the woodwork praising the teams after they win championships...but its like that everywhere.  Last year, people were embarrased by the Celtics losing streak.  They would say stuff like "wow, they suck" Why?  Because in Boston we take our sports very seriously.  We aren't going to go on message boards and say "Celtics are #1" or yelling about how they have 16 championships when they were in the cellar. 

In 2003, after a crushing defeat at the hands of Aaron Boone, you probably didnt see a lot of Red Sox fans posting how "the Sox are #1"....why?  because we were too dejected. 

We are passionate about our sports.  I am so sick of being objective when people down our city, and down our teams...out of petty jealousy....    SCREW THAT.  No longer am I open-minded and objective.  GO PATS, GO SOX, GO CELTS....and if you don't like it then you can feel the wrath of the Bigkat.

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